Services Offered

Primary Services


Diabetes care

Holistic treatment and management of Diabetes and associated co-morbidities.

Diabetic education by an accredited Diabetic Educator

Regular follow ups by an accredited educator, providing comprehensive education on insulin / injectable therapies and home blood glucose monitoring.



A registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Diabetes care.

Regular laboratory


Including both laboratory testing as well as in-room point of care testing.

Multidisciplinary referral network

A comprehensive network of allied professionals, including Ophthalmologists, Podiatrists and Bio-kineticists

Ambulatory (24 Hour) blood pressure monitoring

Electrocardiogram assessments

CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring)

Insertion and interpretation of CGM devices, allowing for real-time review of glycaemic profiles and efficient adjustments of Diabetes treatment.

Insulin pump

An insulin pump site for patients living with type 1 Diabetes on insulin pump therapy.

Lung functions /


Routine spirometry to diagnose and monitor chronic lung diseases.

Vitality Health Check Assessments

an accredited Discovery Vitality Health Check centre. Obtain your points and rewards with annual health checks.


trial site

Dr’s Hemant & Vikash Makan are also accredited clinical researchers who offer participation in clinical trial programs in diabetes and associated conditions.

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